Judge Needs Online DUI Class

by: Mike Miller

It is not every day that a trial is delayed because a judge gets busted for driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol. But that is exactly the case for one judge. One would hope a judge would make smarter decisions. But we must remember – they are humans too.

The sentencing of a convicted killer has been delayed a bit all because the judge is facing criminal charges of her own. As reported in www.wsvn.com.

Cynthia Imperato, who faces DUI charges, is the judge in the capital murder case of Randy Tundidor Sr. The defendant was convicted of stabbing his landlord, Joseph Morrissey, to death in April of 2010. Morrissey was a professor at Nova Southeastern University. A jury recommended he receive the death penalty.

Just when the case was about to be fully-resolved, police pulled over and arrested Imperato in West Palm Beach as they suspected her of driving drunk. Her detention was caught on the arresting officer's dash cam. It took the officer some coaxing to have her surrender.

Again showing poor decision-making, Imperato did not want to cooperate with police officers. She took her time exiting her white Mercedes-Benz, as more police arrived to assist. It turns out the judge was trying to call her lawyer.

The case remains pending, but since her arrest, Imperato had been reassigned to oversee only civil cases. Would it surprise you that Tundidor Sr.'s attorney was upset by this?

Tundidor's sentencing has been rescheduled while Imperato decides whether or not to disqualify herself from the case.

Either way this blog is about a judge getting a DUI. I hope Imperato takes an alcohol and DUI class and remains sober from now on.