Indian Teens Could USE Online MIP Class

by: Mike Miller

There is no doubt the United States has a problem with underage consumption of fermented beverages. At least our bars and restaurants do their best not to serve minors. Have you heard about the problem they are having in India?

The Blame Game As reported in

Parents are at their wits end in India since the police and pub owners refuse to stop pubs from hosting minors. However, the police maintain that they have been doing their job, and that if kids enter a pub, it is the parents who are failing to stop them.

The club didn't verify the age of the entrants and was serving them. Initially, when the parents came, they were quarreling with the police and asking why their children were arrested. But after seeing the condition of their kids, they realized that their children were at fault. Many kids had come to the pub after telling their parents that they were going out for tuition classes or a movie. The checking of pubs is in place. It's the parents who have to keep tabs on their kids.

Opinion in the country is divided on who should take the blame if an underage teen ends up at a pub or an illegal hookah joint. In a city like Gurgaon, whose malls are lined with pubs, how do you stop a teenager from walking into one as easily as they would enter a store or a cafeteria? Gurgaon pubs don't fear police and let kids in.

How scary would it be if you could not leave your teenager at the mall because you were worried they would get drunk in a pub or stoned in a hookah joint? India needs to do some serious work to curb this alarming trend. What do you think?