Help Your Kids by Getting Alcohol Awareness Education

by: Mike Miller

This is a series of blogs at looking at the dangers of alcohol and how it adversely affects families and children.

In prior entries we looked at how mothers who drink can cause fetal alcohol syndrome, a preventable disease which damages the baby permanently. We learned how older children are also affected. They suffer from depression and anxiety disorders, can be obsessed with perfectionism and can struggle with relationships and school performance. As reported in

Let's look at more statistics for these children who are not getting the attention they need to get through school with proper support. Children of alcoholics (COAs) can struggle to connect with others and establish close relationships with teachers and classmates. COAs may have to repeat the academic year and some drop out of school all together.

Here are some alarming statistics - A recent survey by the US government showed that 30 percent of young women who didn’t complete high school had grown up in families with alcoholic parents. The same survey showed that only 20 percent of young men from alcoholic families went to college.

With all of the current problems facing our educational system today, it begs to ask, how big a role does alcohol play in the academic issues facing our nation today? Could alcoholism be the factor that is dragging down the average of our nation's test scores?

We will continue to look at how alcohol affects families and society in the next blog installment here at