Is Alcohol Killing You or Someone you Care About?

by: Mike Miller

This is a series of blogs looking at the lethal role that alcohol can play in your life. In the last blog we looked at some shocking statistics regarding the deadly effects of alcohol.

Did you know alcohol kills 2.5 million people per year and is responsible for 4% of all global deaths? Shocking, right? As reported in

The World Health Organization (WHO), says that most alcohol-related deaths are caused by injuries from drunk driving, cancer, liver cirrhosis, heart disease and stroke.

Did you know that alcohol is related increasing your likelihood of contracting at least 200 other diseases?

Be careful men. One amazing statistic is that more than 6% of all male deaths are related to alcohol, compared to just over 1% for females. In Russia, drinking is especially problematic with more than 20% of men dying from an alcohol-related illness!

Alcohol kills! The sad reality is that even with the knowledge, consumption and harmful effects of alcohol are increasing in developing countries. Africa and Asia, for example, have weaker regulations and less health services available. In these places, the trend is more drinking per capital while consumption in Europe and America is more stable.

It is sad when you understand the health related risks, to see the problem getting worse and not subsiding.

We will continue to address this issue in the next installment of the blog at