Take a 10 Hour Alcohol Awareness Course as a Family

by: Mike Miller

In this blog we will continue to address the negative effects of alcohol on families and society. If you have not read the first 10 installments, I recommend going to the onlinealcohlclass.com blog for review.

In previous entries we have looked at alcohol consumption during pregnancy, the adverse effects on both young and school-age children, and today we will continue to look at the effects of alcoholism on children of alcoholics (COAs). As reported in allpsych.com.

Some COAs have such behavioral problems as lying, stealing, fighting, and truancy. These children live in extremely unstable home environments. They never know what to expect from an alcoholic parent. Because they are unable to predict their parent’s mood, they don’t know how to behave themselves.

Just like non-alcoholic spouses, COAs think they can stop their alcoholic parent from drinking by hiding liquor, or by pleasing the parent with good grades in school. They may tiptoe around the house while the alcoholic parent sleeps, hoping not to awaken the drunken person until enough time has passed for the alcoholic parent to “sober up”. Children of alcoholics feel guilty for their failure to save their parents from the effects of alcohol.

As I continuously harp - it is not worth ruining the lives of your children by being a drunk. How do I know? Because I have been there and done that. I can assure you, that if you decide, once and for all, to leave alcohol in your past, you and your family will be in a much better place.