Alcohol Classes Help Children of Alcoholics

by: Mike Miller

As an individual whose life has been directly affected by the ravages of alcoholism, I am more than aware of the potential havoc booze can bring to a family. In previous blogs, we have looked at the effects of a mother's drinking during pregnancy but parents who abuse alcohol also has severe effects on normal children.

Children of alcoholic parents often have a cluster of symptoms including: low self-esteem, loneliness, guilt, feelings of helplessness, fears of abandonment, and chronic depression. These children's needs are often neglected and they struggle with trust and relationships. As reported in

The psychological wounds run deep for children of alcoholics (COAs). Some feel responsible for the chaos, lack of consistency, and on-going problems while others become "parents" and take care of the irresponsible adult who is drinking.

COAs experience high levels of tension and stress. Young children of alcoholics may have frequent nightmares, bed wetting, and crying spells. Some may not have friends and may be afraid to go to school.

Many grow up with limited skills and compromised abilities to navigate the world. They cling to relationships which can repeat unhealthy patterns.

Is getting drunk worth the risk of causing such emotional damage to your children? I would like to think that for their sake you would seek help rather than to subject them to such possible trauma.

Take a moment right now to assess your own situation, or perhaps the situation of a loved one. Is there a problem with alcohol? If so, I encourage you to seek help ASAP. If you prefer to maintain anonymity please take one of our online classes now.