Florida DUI Comes Back to Haunt Man After 25 Years

by: Mike Miller

Is there a statute of limitations on a driving under the influence violation? I guess not. A Florida man is on trial for a DUI arrest back in 1987. He did not show up and a warrant for his arrest was issued.

When 46-year-old John Ludan, an American citizen living in Sweden, learned that he has an arrest warrant against him, and he quickly wrote to the Broward County judge asking him to dismiss it. His claim is police never saw him driving a motor vehicle and there were problems with the breath results, so tests were administered more than once. As reported in www.sun-sentinel.com.

And the incident in question happened during the Reagan Administration.

Interestingly, in writing to the judge Ludan inadvertently reactivated a case that had lain dormant for nearly 26 years. In that time, Ludan had left his home in Hollywood and settled in Stockholm, where he now lives in a one-bedroom apartment, estranged from his wife and sharing custody of their daughter.

Prosecutors said they're ready to proceed, undeterred by the long delay in justice. Is this just a serious waste of taxpayer money?

Ludan left Florida in 1987 believing the case against him had already been dismissed. His disappearance triggered the arrest warrant. He was 21 at the time of his arrest.

Perhaps he should plea to taking an alcohol class in Sweden or a Florida based alcohol awareness program to satisfy the arrest.