Does New Mexico Need an 8-Hour Alcohol Awareness Class (part 2)?

by: Mike Miller

In our previous blog entry we looked at the problem New Mexico has with driving under the influence violations and the state’s efforts to combat the issue. Already requiring driver interlock devices for a first offense, they now are talking about not allowing anyone convicted of a DUI to even purchase alcohol.

What do you think of that? As reported in

The current proposal would expand that measure, barring thousands of New Mexicans who are required to have the devices from buying alcohol at all. Under the measure, drivers with the interlocks would be issued a specially marked license indicating that they are prohibited from buying alcohol.

Real-Life Motivation

What motivated this bill was a state senator witnessed a man with an interlock device in his car buy miniature bottles of whiskey and a Coke at a convenience store. The man poured the whiskey into the Coke, blew into the interlock device and started his car. He then placed the drink in the car’s cup holder and drove off.

Alaska is one other state with a similar law where a judge can order an offender not to buy alcohol, in which case his state identification card is marked.

Of course there are always plenty of ways to buy alcohol, especially if you are over 21. Many places do not even ask for ID. It will be interesting to see if this passes and if so how it affects repeat DUI statistics.