Are Middle Class English Women Most-Affected by Alcohol Prices?

by: Mike Miller

In many blogs in the past I discussed the problem with many young, professional British women. They binge drink quite often and at times make total tarts of themselves. So, are they affected by an increase in alcohol prices? What do you think?

Critics in the United Kingdom believe that proposed price rises on alcohol are likely to unfairly impact responsible women - mothers and hardworking professionals - who drink responsibly will be punished unfairly should the government’s plans succeed. As reported in

They complain that these responsibly drinking women will now have to unwind “each evening” with a $7 bottle of wine. I am not sure I agree that a bottle of wine a day represents responsible drinking for responsible mothers.

Do you believe that alcohol prices will add to the pressures on hard-working families who are already struggling to manage with decreasing household budgets? How much do these people drink? Looking at an increase in price of about $1.25 per bottle of wine, it is interesting that the British government believes this increase will cost consumers an estimated additional £1,040 (1.8 million US dollars) million per year.

I believe that alcohol is not a necessity but a luxury. If the additional revenues are used for alcohol classes and other programs to help prevent and treat alcoholism I am all in favor of higher prices.