DWI Class on Tap for Arrogant Offender

by: Mike Miller

Have you ever heard the phrase, “attitude is everything?” What do you think? Make a good impression and people tend to like you. Be an arrogant jerk and people will respond in kind.

As the director for an online drug and alcohol program I am very aware of stories involving DUI and other alcohol-related offenses. Here is a tale worth sharing. As reported in wnep.com.

When a man from Union County, Pennsylvania was sentenced for a deadly crash, the judge called him the “most arrogant” defendant she ever saw in a courtroom.

After that, she sentenced him to almost the maximum amount of time allowed by law. They will respond in kind!

Twenty-two-year-old Christopher Wirth was sentenced to serve nine to 25 years in state prison.

Wirth addressed the court for almost 30 minutes, saying his trial, for causing the crash that killed his girlfriend was unfair.

In February, a jury convicted him in less than an hour of homicide by vehicle while driving under the influence.

State police say he was driving drunk in January of 2012 and going 91 miles per hour when he crashed, killing his girlfriend, Allison Vonneida, 22, who died at the scene.

Wirth apologized to his 3-year-old daughter, who he shared with Allison Vonneida.

This is yet another example of how driving under the influence ruins people’s lives. It killed one young woman and left another without both parents for many years.