Did You Think British Women Should Enroll in an 8 Hour Alcohol Awareness Class?

by: Mike Miller

If by this, the sixth entry in this series of blogs examining the reckless drinking habits of young British professional women, you do not believe there should be mandatory 8 hour alcohol awareness classes for British citizens, I may have to call you crazy.

In our past entries we examined the striking number of teachers, nurses, administrative personnel and mothers who go out in groups on the weekend, dressed in skimpy, revealing outfits, getting totally hammered and committing acts which they later regret. Yet they do this week in and week out. As reported in www.dailymail.co.uk.

In an article in the Dailymail, one occupational therapist admitted that if she bumped into any of her patients or their relatives, she'd hide.

The feeling among these young professionals is that they have two distinctly separate lives. They are like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and as long as they can still work as Dr. Jekyll all is well.

What they fail to realize is the damage they are doing both to their bodies and their reputations now. Alcoholism is a progressive disease. All this drinking will catch up with them.

One 27-year-old mother likes to party so she can realize she can confirm she “still has her mojo” and thinks the world looks better through “beer goggles.” I would hope my mother never felt that way when she was raising me and my brothers!

Do you think type of behavior is acceptable for 27-year-old mothers? Do you think alcohol classes would help curb this trend among British women? I respect any input you may have.