Europeans Need Alcohol Classes Too

by: Mike Miller

Europeans scoff at Americans for their huge portions. Yes, they do scoff and you know it! The French are especially snooty with respect to America’s issue with obesity. It turns out the Europeans are joining Americans in adding pounds for the winter.

Oh yeah, they also drink a lot! Quick – which European country drinks the most?

The answer is the least stressed-out country on the continent. It is ever-neutral Luxembourg. Did you know that Luxembourgers drink to the tune of more than four gallons of booze per person?

The Eastern Europeans are also strong drinkers. Latvia (13.2 liters), Romania (12.7L), Lithuania (12.6L), Austria (12.2L) and France (12.1L) all drink more than three gallons of alcohol per capita. Norway (6.6L) and Italy (6.9L) are some of the most moderate drinkers. Turkey, with its huge Muslim population is the most temperate with just 1.5 liters per person.

More than half of the Danish and Lithuanian teenagers (15-and-under) admit to having been drunk multiple times in their young lives. More than one-third of the teen population in most countries, including the United Kingdom, Spain, Austria, Germany and Poland. Ironically only 30% of Irish teens admit to having been drunk multiple times. Do you think they are lying in these survey?

Needless to say the world is full of health problems. From sickness, disease and poverty to drug abuse, alcoholism and obesity, we have many health issues that need to be addressed.