British Tarts Need Alcohol Awareness Classes

by: Mike Miller

Have you read about the crazy habit young British professional women seem to have right now? It appears they go out in groups getting drunk every week. It has become a social ill in The United Kingdom that is drawing attention from all parts of society.

It is not uncommon to watch a number of women urinating on the street or in bushes along the side of the road, or to see them passed out in the gutter. As reported in

What is the motivation behind their binge-drinking? In my opinion it is responsibility and misery. Many of these women need to get inebriated first because it brings them pleasure, but more often it is the misery that they now are addicted to booze and that lifestyle that will come to define their lives.

Aren't these girls worried about their health, liver, sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies and their personal safety? Most of them laugh off the suggestions, despite the fact that some can barely stand.

These professional women feel they deserve to be out partying. They want to shed responsibility and be totally selfish.

Addiction is a horrible monster. Once it gets you in its grips it makes you believe life without it is intolerable. I hope this trend stops. Perhaps more access to online alcohol awareness classes and a return to spiritual life will help them get sober and stay sober.