Could 8 Hour Alcohol Class Have Saved John Goodman’s Reputation?

by: Mike Miller

Hopefully the day is coming where we never have to read about millionaire polo mogul John Goodman again. He is one of those uber-rich snarky jerks who thinks he is above the law and beyond reproach. His behavior is despicable and serves as a shining example of what not to do.

If you recall, Goodman was arrested in Florida after his Bentley hit a Hyundai while completely intoxicated. He then fled on foot to a friend’s barn to hide out and hopefully escape the repercussions of his behavior.

The driver of the other car died after his vehicle rolled into a canal. It was not an instantaneous death, but a slow drowning that could have been avoided if Goodman had rescued him rather than running and trying to save his own cowardly behind!

You might also recall him as the man who adopted his girlfriend. What a kook.

How he is not in jail is a shining example of how money can buy you freedom. However, his idiotic behavior has landed him back in the clink after he was arrested for tampering with his ankle bracelet.

I hope the judge who let him out after he posted $7 million bail keeps his carcass behind bars until his trial. I assure you, the next and last blog on this guy will be when he is sentenced for a long time.