Alcohol Class Would be Educational for Many University of Wisconsin Grads

by: Mike Miller

Don’t get me wrong – the headline above could be stated for every single college in the United States – including Brigham Young. The fact is that binge drinking is a serious problem at campuses nationwide.

The University of Wisconsin is known for many things. Among the pillars of Madison’s reputation are high standards of academia, Bucky Badger and — of course — alcohol. As reported in

There is no doubt drinking has been a defining aspect of the university experience for the better part of a century, even for those who choose not to imbibe

Within the last three weeks, drunken antics have sent ten students to detox. A large amount of students have been issued drinking tickets, including all present students of the 7A floor of Sellery Residence Hall. Most of the alcohol-related issues have been linked to a disgusting amount of binge drinking — the blood alcohol content of one student reached .37, a potentially deadly level.

While the university has taken steps in recent years to quietly deal with the school’s party reputation, its response to outrageous and rampant alcohol abuse has been sluggish at best. If UW wishes to show its support for student health and well-being, it will need to take a firm stance on an issue that has been swept under the rug for far too long. It is time to mandate that all students take an 8-hour online alcohol class at the beginning of each term. Those arrested or cited for an alcohol-related incident should take a level II 16-hour online alcohol class.