Alcohol Class May Have Saved Teacher’s Career

by: Mike Miller

Alcohol is destroying Joseph Mattingly’s life and certainly cost him his job. A severe alcoholic, Mattingly could not stop drinking no matter the time or day.

This would cause almost anyone’s life to fall into ruin. Some jobs you might be able to hide it. A middle school teacher certainly could not.

Mattingly a middle school teacher in Florida, has resigned after school district officials learned he left his classroom unattended and tested positive for alcohol during school hours.

As reported in, when searching his file cabinet in school, school officials found two bottles of alcohol in a bag.

A History of Booze-Related Incidents

Back in May, Mattingly was placed on probation by the state for three years because of a 2010 Driving Under the Influence crash with property damage, a 2008 conviction of leaving the scene of an accident and a 2004 DUI conviction.

And that’s not all. The Florida Department of Education previously put sanctions against Mattingly's teaching certificate in 2006 because of a 2005 DUI with property damage conviction.

And finally - Mattingly was found to have left his class unattended on Nov. 22, and admitted to the principal he had been drinking.

You think alcohol ruined his life? Maybe there still is time, however, for that to happen Mattingly will have to get sober and stay that way forever! A good online alcohol class might be a start.