Will Two Days Off Per Week Curb Drinking Problems?

by: Mike Miller

You get all kinds of strange advice on how much alcohol you should drink. Realistically, with alcohol both a poison and an addictive drug, there is no reason to drink any alcohol whatsoever.

That aside, who do you listen to? How much booze is healthy?

The general rule is that two drinks per day is acceptable for men and one per day for women. For those with addictive personalities, this amount is definitely placing you on the “Golden Road” to alcohol addiction.

Again, who do you listen to? If you are Scottish, would you trust your government?

Scottish Government

Here is the advice coming from the Scottish government from the Daily Scottsman – drinkers should abstain from consuming alcohol for two days every week to protect their health.

Previously they had advised seven drinks per week for men and about 5 for women.

Now, with alcoholism on the rise with more than eight million professionals drinking too much alcohol routinely and endangering their health, they want to readdress this issue.

So, the official word out of Scotland right now is - to have two alcohol-free days every week. Give your body at least 2 days rest each week from alcohol.

Hmm, what do you think? It seems to me like they should be promoting 8 hour alcohol awareness classes or 10 hour alcohol awareness classes to inform the middle class the dangers of what the nightly sharing of a bottle of wine can do long-term with respect to increasing their chances for major health problems.