Cheap Booze Keeps the Liquor Flowing

by: Mike Miller

The fact that alcohol is legal and reasonably affordable makes it a popular beverage choice. Other than nicotine products, there are no other legal over-the-counter options for people to get buzzed on. Of course now there are designer drugs and bath salts and of course whipped cream cans, but the fact remains alcohol is the legal choice for those who care to indulge in a legal chemical substance.

In Great Britain there is a push to increase the price of alcohol to help curb a growing problem of alcoholism.

According to the Shetland Times, advocates feel that inexpensive alcohol widely available on supermarket shelves is “destroying” the lives of people, and the statistics seem to support their claim.

Last year there were more reported people seeking treatment for their drinking problem than for all other drugs combined, including prescription medication!

Reports on one group of 105 new problem drinkers showed they had spent £343,315 (British Pounds) to satisfy their addiction versus more than £1.7 Million that 87 drug users spent on their illegal substances.

Let’s face it, alcohol is popular not only because it is legal, but because it is relatively inexpensive.

If the US Government wants to increase revenues and decrease alcohol consumption a logical move would be to tax the heck out of alcohol. Increase the price by 50-100% with part of the revenue going to beverage companies to increase their profit margin due to lower consumption rates.

What do you think of that?