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We offer a completely online Nevada DUI Class. The course meets all state and court mandated requirements to help fulfill your DUI dismissal needs.

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Let us help you satisfy your court requirements and become a better, safer, more responsible driver in the process. If you've received a DUI and are required to complete an alcohol awareness class, our online DUI School meets your needs. Our online classes makes it so easy and convenient. There's no need to search any further for an Elko DUI School or attend classes after work or during the weekends. With our online, self-paced courses, you set your own schedule!

Get to Know the Features and Benefits of Our Online DUI Class

Our DUI classes are comprehensive, interesting, and enjoyable. Written by experts who deliver the material so you can best understand and learn it. We are confident that you will not be disappointed. Some key benefits include:

  • 100% online
  • Self paced so you start and stop when you want
  • Real customer support available
  • No classroom sessions required
  • Free Certificate of Completion
  • Money-back guarantee

The course is designed to educate you in a motivating way. After you complete the registration process and gain access to the materials, you will find a wealth of information on a wide range of subjects. Our goal is to help teach you more about the topics related to your citation so you can make safe and healthy decisions moving forward. Topics include:

  • Why you shouldn't drink and drive
  • The potential consequences of drinking and driving
  • The impact alcohol can have on your performance at work
  • How to avoid using alcohol as a coping mechanism
  • How to overcome your alcohol dependency

Take advantage of the many benefits afforded by our online DUI class today! If you need to attend an alcohol awareness program to satisfy court orders, you won't find a better option than our program.

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Stop looking for an Elko DUI School – what you seek is available entirely online! Our DUI class is informative, comprehensive, and perhaps best of all, accepted throughout the state. Enroll in our class today!

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