Nevada DUI School License # DUI000042126 (expired)

Many people are looking for DUI classes in the Nevada. One thing they want to be sure of is whether their school is licensed by the state of Nevada. Our Nevada License number was DUI000042126. This license as currently expired.

Online classes in Nevada for Level 1 DUIs are exactly the same as in-person classes. While some people prefer in-person classes, most people will appreciate the convenience of taking classes online. They don't have to take the time to drive to a class on a strict schedule and they can take the class at their own pace.

For classes other than Level 1 (Level 2 or later) you will need to get approval from the judge or court to take our online class.

Finding our Nevada DUI License

If you are asked to verify that our classes are "accepted" or "approved" you can use our DUI License. To find the license independently of our website, take the following steps:

In addition, you can contact the DMV of Nevada directly:

Out Of State DUIs

While many of our students take their classes to meet a Nevada DUI requirement, some students take our DUI classes for out-of-state requirements. For example if you are travelling to a different state and receive a DUI there while on vacation. It might be difficult or impossible to fulfill your DUI requirement in the state you received the DUI. Licensed online classes are often a good choice in this situation.

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