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Drug & Alcohol Awareness Classes in Montana

Online Alcohol Class (OAC) in Montana is now offering the most comprehensive alcohol and drug course currently available on the Internet. The classes, designed and written by experts, are broken down into the following levels and hours: Level 1 (8 hours), Level 2 (16 hours), and Level 3 (24 hours).

These classes were developed to satisfy substance abuse education requirements for the State of Montana.

Depending on whether the program is court-ordered or voluntary, the Montana Online Alcohol Awareness Classes are available in the following levels (hours) and corresponding costs:

Class Price
8 Hour (Level 1) Alcohol Awareness $149 Register
10 Hour (Level 1) Alcohol Awareness $179 Register
12 Hour (Level 1) Alcohol Awareness $199 Register
12 Hour (Level 2) Alcohol Awareness $199 Register
16 Hour (Level 2) Alcohol Awareness $249 Register
20 Hour (Level 2) Alcohol Awareness $299 Register
21 Hour Alcohol Awareness $309 Register
24 Hour (Level 3) Alcohol Awareness $319 Register
26 Hour Alcohol Awareness $324 Register
30 Hour Alcohol Awareness $339 Register
36 Hour Alcohol Awareness $349 Register

Montana Alcohol and Drug Awareness Class FAQ

1. How do I pay for the course?

We accept all major credit cards (Amex, Visa, and MasterCard). Prior to beginning the course, all costs must be paid in full. Personal information and credit card data will be processed through our secure payment processing system, to ensure your information stays private.

2. How do I access the necessary materials?

Early in the enrollment process you will choose a unique username and password. This information will act as your site key to log on/off of OAC. Be sure to save your username and password, since your work will be automatically saved where you left off.

3. Can I access the site whenever I want?

Yes. The site is available 24/7 to any mobile device or computer – with Internet access. This allows users the ability to proceed at their own pace. If you are working to fulfill a court-ordered deadline, please keep that in mind while working on the site.

4. How do the quizzes work? Do they count towards/against my total score?

The quizzes are there to be educational markers and do not count towards your final grade. To successfully complete the course, you must score eighty percent or higher on the Montana based final exam. If you fail to pass on your first attempt, you are allowed to re-take the test until you do so (at no extra expense).

5. How do I receive my certificate of completion?

Once you have passed the final exam, you have completed the course. Your certificate of completion will be shipped via first-class mail to the address provided. Once again, if you are working to satisfy a court-ordered completion date, it is highly encouraged to sign up for next day delivery.

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