Take Advantage of these Video Resources?

If you are seeking user-friendly, informative, and beneficial resources on alcohol, alcohol abuse, or alcohol treatment, look no further. These videos contain helpful information on a wide range of alcohol-related subjects. And you will likely find that they are more convenient and easier to absorb than articles on the subject matter are – after all, why read when you can watch?

Alcohol Awareness Class Video

Alcohol Awareness Class – Video

Do you need to take a drug or alcohol awareness class? Learn how you can complete an online alcohol education class 100% online.
DUI School Video

DUI Class – Video

If you have been ordered by the court to attend a DUI program, we realize that you have options. Learn how you can complete your DUI School requirements.
Minor in Possession Class Video

Minor in Possession (MIP) Class – Video

Do you have a son or daughter who has gotten a ticket for minor in possession or underage drinking? Watch our video to see how we can help.