Weekend at Bernie’s Guys Needs Alcohol Awareness Class

by: Mike Miller

I don’t if you saw the 1989 Hollywood film “Weekend at Bernie’s” starring Jonathan Silverman and Andrew McCarthy. In that hilarious film, the protagonist’s boss dies and the two proceed to carry the body around acting as if “Bernie” was still alive.

Funny in a movie – not so funny in real life! Two Colorado men must have really liked that movie. The culprits are 43-year-old Robert Young and 25-year-old Mark Rubinson, who upon finding their friend, 43-year-old Jeffrey Jarrett dead, decided to drive around town with him and spend some of his money!

This is a true story. Young found Jarrett dead and instead of calling authorities, telephoned Rubinson and their night on the town was on! After hitting several nightspots, leaving Jarrett’s body in the back of Young’s SUV, the pair took Jarrett back to the apartment.

Armed with Jarrett’s ATM card the two were far from through, spending more than $400 of Jarrett’s money at Shotgun Willie’s – a strip club.

What a pair of winners, right? How did these two make bail, I have no idea.

Less than three days later Rubinson was arrested again – this time for driving under the influence (DUI). A concerned citizen had called police when she noticed Rubinson’s car swerving all over the road. Police located his car in front of a convenience store with two flat tires. Rubinson was staggering home.  He admitted to police that the tires flattened after he hit the curb. In addition to DUI, this winner also got hit with driving without a license, registration and insurance!

It would be funny if it was not true!