Video Game Has Good Alcohol Awareness Message for Kids!

by: Mike Miller

It is not too often that you hear adults espousing the benefits of playing a video game. It is less frequent to hear educators not only condone but promote the playing of video games in the classroom. But that is just what is happening at various schools around the country with a video game that promotes alcohol awareness in a positive light.

Making Smart Choices

The activity was part of the, “Ask, Listen, Learn: Kids and Alcohol Don't Mix” initiative, which encourages middle school students to talk with their parents and other role models about the perils of underage drinking.

Instead of killing terrorists or racing cars this game discusses the dangers of underage drinking and promotes helping the children make healthy choices!

The Game

Like using a Wii, students tapped their feet on a pad to make onscreen characters run and jump along a seaside path or down a supermarket aisle. The quicker they tapped, the faster they ran in the game.

At frequent intervals, the game would stop them to ask a variety of true-or-false questions, including whether drinking was cool, if booze boosts athleticism or helps grades and whether it was OK to say “no” to peer pressure.

Any game that promotes communication and education about alcohol is a good thing. Hopefully, this will become a nationwide program. It's a good alternative to minor in possession classes!