Katy Perry Sends Wrong Alcohol Awareness Message

by: Mike Miller

There is no doubt Katy Perry is a talented performer. The wife of current Hollywood front man Russell Brand is currently on tour for her breakthrough album “California Dreams.”

While it is nice to hear that the young Diva takes good care of herself on the road – no alcohol, coffee or other foods that may affect her voice, it is disheartening to hear her plans for a huge Bacchanalian Orgy when the tour ends later this year.

"I'm pretty boring on the road because I save it all for the stage, so I'm on a strict vitamin diet” she admits. "I can't eat spicy food or dairy because they're bad for your voice. I can't even do coffee. So you'll find me staring at the white wine in the fridge backstage.

“But when the tour is over I'm going to be a devil and hit a wild streak. I'll be face down in the porcelain.”

I mean really, do we need to hear the graphic details of how incredibly inebriated you plan on getting? Perry is a rising star in the entertainment industry, but she already is getting the reputation for being very “Diva-ish.” If she doesn’t control her behavior her image may tarnish forever.