Bar-Fight Could Have Been Avoided With Alcohol Class

by: Mike Miller

You can pretty much bet when you see a bar-fight that all of the combatants will be intoxicated. I have been in many bar-fights. Some I started, most just found me. It’s funny how when you are drunk the fights seem to happen more often.

Let’s face it most drunks in bars went in there with the intent of getting hammered. Logic dictates that alcohol increases the likelihood of aggressive behavior. He’s a story that may never have happened had the participants taken an alcohol class.

United Kingdom Story

A completely ripped pub-patron, who used a bottle to intimidate, was given 40 hours of unpaid work as part of a six-month community order.

Darryl Wayne admitted using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behavior with intent to cause fear of or provoke violence.

The20-year-oldWayne said he had drunk five bottles of wine and one bottle of vodka and some cocktails and estimated his drunkenness as being eight out of 10.

There was an argument in the nightclub and Wayne picked up a bottle from the bar and hid it in his trouser pocket – another group seemed to be intent on confronting them.

Not mentioned was his three conspirators who also totally intoxicated, brawled alongside their bottle-wielding buddy. They are all 19 years old. How sad.

Let’s get these young men to an alcohol class and try and keep them from ruining their lives with booze. That was an absolutely shameful amount of booze to drink.