“Teen Mom” Needs an Alcohol Class and Attitude Adjustment

by: Mike Miller

I will admit to being somewhat biased against reality television stars. Many of these “want to be famous” people do not know how to handle the attention.

Some act like petulant children (and again in my biased opinion – most are). Others seem to think that they are above questioning. None of us are above questioning for our behavior – especially if we are on national TV discussing ourselves. As reported in www.huffingtonpost.com.

I can assure that my bias may be especially strong for those appearing on shows like “Teen Mom.”

“Teen Mom” Farrah Abraham stopped by “Dr. Phil” Friday to clear up rumors about a sex tape. I have to admit that I also was somewhat biased against Dr. Phil, but the more I see him, the greater respect I have.

Abraham probably thought she would puff herself up on national TV and discuss the most important thing in her life – no not her child – her career.

Unfortunately, the doctor took the opportunity to hit her with some tough questions about her DUI arrest, and accused her of not taking responsibility for her actions.

When Abraham got all uppity with him, Dr. Phil said, "You would argue no matter what I said because you have a chip on your shoulder... you're upset because I ask questions you don't have good answers for.” I clap when I read quotes like that.

Abraham went on to tell Dr. Phil that she was sorry she came on the show, and a writer for Wet Paint pointed out that some might think the doctor went a little too far.

Abraham is no star and she seems to take no responsibility for her actions. My hope is that with alcohol classes and counseling she might be able to become a productive citizen. Can you hear my bias in the last sentence?