Another Teacher in Dire Need of Online Alcohol Class

by: Mike Miller

You can’t shake a stick lately without finding some teacher somewhere getting in trouble. I am not down on all teachers. Believe me, I respect the job they do and 99.9% are outstanding citizens. Man, but the other 0.1% - look out!

A high school teacher was fired after an internal investigation and an alcohol and drug test confirmed she was intoxicated while teaching students on Monday.

Kathleen Jardine, a second-year math teacher, was placed on paid administrative leave after students notified school administrators Jardine was acting strange.

School administrators, including BHS principal Chris Hotchkiss, conducted a visual investigation of Jardine for two hours, checking for odor, eye dilation and other signs of impairment.

Hotchkiss said Jardine was also saying "things out of the ordinary." At that point, it became "even more obvious" that Jardine was intoxicated. Jardine was assessed by the school nurse, who confirmed she was under the influence.

Jardine initially refused to take a drug and alcohol test, but later agreed after administrators told her that if she wasn't cooperative it would be the equivalent of a positive result from a drug and alcohol test.

The teacher was then escorted by security and an administrator to take the test and then taken home.

Results from the test came back positive and Jardine was terminated that afternoon for violating the drug free work place policy implemented by the school district.

Shameful behavior by someone supposed to be educating our children.