Alcohol Awareness Class for All Cruisers

by: Mike Miller

Have you ever been on a cruise? I know this statistic is just a guess, but I would guess 90% of cruisers drink alcohol aboard ship. Of that 90% I would bet half drink to excess and half of those get absolutely hammered on a daily basis.

If you ever have been on a cruise ship you know drinking alcohol is not cheap. A beer will set you back at least $6 and cocktails about $8. The morning we debarked my neighbor (cabin next door) was complaining about his $5,000 bar bill. They give an unlimited charge card for everything you do. Then they process it about five hours before debarkation. The numbers can be staggering.

For us teetotalers they offer an “unlimited bubbles” card for about $45 that gives you unlimited soft drinks throughout the cruise. That is a nice non-alcoholic option along with the 24-hour access to tea, lemonade and coffee.


One of the primary offenses for cruisers is the smuggling of booze aboard ship. They do not allow for any alcohol to be brought aboard. Even booze bought in duty-free shops are confiscated and given out the night before debarkation.

Yet the need to get hammered has many smuggling in booze in mouthwash bottles, vodka in water bottles and stashed flasks (daily).

I would be more than happy to give a seminar to any cruise line wishing an alcohol awareness class. For free fare, consider me hired.