The Super Bowl Focuses on the Wrong Kind of Alcohol Awareness

by: Mike Miller

As a counselor for alcohol awareness classes I am very familiar with the role drinking plays in our community and is meshed in our culture. My aim in instructing about alcoholism is trying to get my students to become more educated about alcohol and its impact on the human body. I try to make them aware about alcoholism and its impact on not only your body, but in addition those close to an individual addicted to alcohol.

At this time of year I frequently believe about another type of "alcohol awareness" - the strong pitch to advertise drinking during the Super Bowl. The advertisements from Budweiser, Coors, and Jack Daniels have become to many people, more interesting from a viewing standpoint than the game itself. When people think "Super Bowl" they think football, TV ads and alcohol - and not necessarily in that order.

Let's All Drink to the Super Bowl

Nobody should be surprised that "Super Bowl Sunday" competes  with  the 4th of July and December 31 as the time of year where the greatest number of people are arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.

In one of my recent alcohol classes I polled each of my students how many drank during the Super Bowl, and if they drank how much they drank. The results probably don't shock you. Out of 20 students, 18 of them had consumed alcohol during the previous Super Bowl. The couple that didn't - one was working and the other had the flu.

A Super Binge

Of the 18 who had admitted to drinking according to their memory, during the game they averaged 8 drinks apiece. Of course they argued that the game lasts forever and most were sure that they were OK to drive by the time the game was over. 50% of the 18 admitted to being "drunk" during the game. One feel asleep before the conclusion.

Super Bowl DUI

Only one of my students that day was in class to take care of a Super Bowl DUI, but over the years a larger number of my students were requred to take an alcohol awareness class from a DWI received after watching the Super Bowl.

Don't become a statistic. I encourage each and every one of you to make sure you have a designated driver for the Super Bowl if you plan on consuming alcoholic beverages. Remember, a cab is ALWAYS cheaper than a DUI.