The Medical Benefits of Giving Up Alcohol

by: Mike Miller

Often when I teach alcohol awareness classes clients ask me, "Is alcohol really that unhealthy for you?" This article will address some of the main physical benefits of abstaining from alcohol, and then will detail the mental and psychological advantages of quitting boozing.

You are not going to hear too many arguments in favor of drinking alcohol. Of course some studies will say a small amount is good for the heart, or that a single glass of red wine routine makes for a healthy heart and increases longevity. Research, however, is not conclusive about any medicinal effects of alcohol. With respect to the wine theory that is still being debated grape juice and grapes themselves have shown to be equally effective.

There are many proven good effects when one ceases drinking. There are countless studies that prove how no longer drinking alcohol improves your physical and mental health. Non-drinkers have far less chance of developing cirrhosis of the liver, pancreas damage and many types of cancer. Alcohol dehydrates the human body. After you stop drinking, one of the first positive physical effects you will notice is that you skin will become clearer, more vibrant and younger This happens after the first few days of stopping drinking. It's incredible what being hydrated will do for your appearance. An increase in energy is another effect that should be felt in the first week of quitting.

While the physical effects on your body are extremely important, it is positive state of mind and mental effects that will be most noticeable. If you ever have quit a substance that you had been using frequently or sometimes abusing you know that at you begin to ascertain that you do feel better. You are proud of the fact you have stop using and even more pleased that you feel good about it. Improved self-regard gives a huge encouragement to those who quit drinking.

You will find that when you quit drinking you will have more time - for work, hobbies, friends, and family. Life is all about getting involved in personal relationships with other human beings. As you begin to feel better physically, mentally, emotionally and psychologically you will become more active in your own life, and those who care about you will also enjoy the benefits as you reconnect on a healthy, upbeat level.

As you rejoin life after drinking old hobbies may once again give you the enjoyment you used to know and the thought of trying out something new will sound exciting. New interests like art, sports or social clubs could invigorate and bring fullness to your life. Having a positive self-image will certainly make you more optimistic. Healthier brain cells firing on all cylinders make life more interesting.

In closing, I encourage each of you to quit drinking for a 30 days. See if you feel better. Be aware of your moods, good and bad (there may be some strong ones at the beginning if you are a heavy drinker).