Serial DUI Offenders Should Take Intensive 24 Hour Alcohol Class

by: Mike Miller

What is it with the recent publicity of serial DUI offenders? Is it just me or does it seem like some of these idiots are actually competing to see who can get arrested for driving under the influence more often?

David Marion Apraham of Virginia was convicted of DUI for the 12th time. Are you kidding me – 12 times! The 44-year-old will not be driving drunk too soon as he will serve the maximum sentence of seven years behind bars. As reported in

Apraham has two prior DUI convictions in Virginias, six in Mississippi and three in Alabama.

This guy should never be behind the wheel of a car again. He also faces DUI charges in North Carolina and Washington state.

Right on his tail, getting arrested the same day is 45-year-old Todd Burland who was charged with his 9th DUI. This moron made it especially difficult on law enforcement officials by fleeing then jumping into icy water and having to be rescued.

Perhaps the worst of the bunch is John David Caldwell who will spend five to 16 years behind bars for his 13th DUI. He is only 49 years old.

None of these three should ever be allowed to operate a motor vehicle again. Should they be caught even for a minor infraction like speeding they should spend the rest of their lives behind bars.