School Advocate Headed to Online DUI Class

by: Mike Miller

Let’s face it – we all are worried about those who instruct and have influence over our children. We want our teachers, coaches and school administrators to be God-fearing solid citizens. Unfortunately, often times, that is not the case.

A vocal proponent for change in an Oregon school district announced this week that he was stepping down from his position after a DUI arrest in Portland. As reported in

No surprise here, this was not Eduardo Angulo’s first arrest for driving under the influence.

Angulo, who until recently was the executive director of the Salem/Keizer Coalition for Equality, was charged with a felony DUI after a two-vehicle traffic crash in late August left him injured and another driver with severe spinal injuries.

So was this his 2nd DUI offense? Not even close!

This would make it four times that Angulo has been arrested on DUI charges. Angulo, under the name Carlos Eduardo Angulo, has been arrested three previous times dating back to 1994, in addition to a number of other citations such as speeding, driving without insurance, driving without a license and using his cell phone while driving.

Zachary Smith was the driver of the car that Angulo rear-ended Aug. 25 in Portland. He is being treated at Oregon Health & Science University Hospital.

As a result of the crash, Smith is paralyzed from the sternum down.

What do you think his punishment should be? Is an educational alcohol class enough? I welcome your thoughts.