Picking the Right Alcohol Awareness Class

by: Mike Miller

When trying to pick an alcohol awareness classes, often it's hard to to decide what is the right class to take. The choices are endless, but often the most popular classes are 8 hour, 16 hour, and 24 hour classes. Hopefully this will help you pick the right class length for you.

The most basic level is the 8 hour alcohol class. This will give you a pretty good understanding of all the topics. On the other hand it’s very much a superficial look at the topics and won’t give you the full in-depth understanding that the longer courses will.

With the 16 hour/Level 2 alcohol awareness class you can get deep into the subject matter. There aren't more topics than the 8 hour class, but you look at each topic in more detail. In addition, there are lots of more examples and case studies. This class is often actually easier than the 8 hour alcohol classesbecause the examples and stories make the study a lot more relaxing.

The 24 hour alcohol awareness class gives you the most in depth understanding of any class. It goes even further than the 16 hour alcohol class. There are more vignettes, more photos and more in-depth understanding of the subject matter. Taking this Level 3 alcohol class means you will really come away with a deeper understanding of the topics. Sure it’s a bigger commitment, but of you’ve had a serious issue with drinking or maybe have had a continued problems then this could be the class for you.