How to Find your State's Minor in Possession Laws

by: Mike Miller

Often when students attend one of our minor in possession classes, they or their parents aren't sure what laws were actually broken. They know that underage drinking is "illegal" but what specifically is restricted by state laws, they aren't totally sure of. Sometimes this can be quite helpful to know because they can possibly work with the court or their attorneys on a good strategy to deal with the potential violation.

Questions I often hear asked include, "What are the blood alcohol limits?" "Is there an impact on a youth's driving priviledges?" or "What are the penalties for using a false ID to get alcohol?"

Also state drinking laws impact the parents as well. For example in some states, there are severe penalties for hosting underage drinking parties. For example in Alabama, the host must take action to ensure that minors do not drinking alcohol. But Texas drinking laws do not impose any liability for hosting underage drinking parties.

This is why we've created a resource, the State Minor in Possession and Underage Drinking Law Guide. This easy to navigate guide tells you exactly what the laws are in your state so you have full knowledge if you or your children are involved in legal situation involving underage drinking.

Of course this is only a guide and state laws change all the time, but it can be a useful resource to let you get started.