How Not To Spend Your Weekend

by: Mike Miller

The Fourth of July has always been one of my favorite holidays.  As a kid I loved watching the fireworks and the family barbecues where we played softball and Jarts.  Then it was hanging out with my friends drinking beer.  I always knew that I would be getting pretty lit on the 4th.  Every Independence Day was a memorable experience.

The plans for a 4th of July weekend usually were made weeks, if not months in advance.  One –word baby – Vegas!

Can You See My Problem?

The fundamental problem is the importance of alcohol in my weekend.  There was not ever a momentary thought that I would be sober all weekend – despite the fact that I was just getting over a bad head cold.  

My second problem is that I had zero common sense.  Prolonged drinking had impaired my ability to act rationally.  Why else would I have gotten in the car with one of my friends after already spent the last two hours at the local sports bar waiting for my friends to get off work?

After finishing my last beer I was on my way to meet my friends.  Thank God I didn’t have to drive.  On my way out the door, another buddy insisted I have a toast to the 4th with a shot of Crown, with a beer chaser.  I apologized for having to rush off after just one toast but I was on my way to Vegas.  Of course he understood.

I jumped in my car and had just made a safe turn into traffic when I saw the flashing lights from hell.  My day, my night and my 4th of July weekend were done for.  A failed breathalyzer and physical sobriety check later, and I was getting a free three days and three night stay at the county jail!

Can You See My Problems Now?

Man, things can almost always get worse.  They say you have to learn from your own mistakes.  While that is certainly the case for me, it does not have to be for you or someone you know who might be suffering from alcoholism.

In addition to programs like Alcoholics Anonymous there are online alcohol classes and alcohol awareness classes that can be taken from home that can be of help.  For loved ones of those suffering from drinking problems there are amazing support groups like Al-anon.  Alcohol consumption can have serious consequences.  Don’t let one of these consequences happen to you or someone you love.