Parents Need New Hampshire Alcohol Class

by: Mike Miller

Does your mom or dad try to be your best friend?  Do you try and make your child your friend?  Neither one of those are necessarily wrong, unless it becomes a factor in allowing an underage person to drink alcohol.

Stories seem to be coming out every day about parents providing alcohol to their children and trying to be a friend more than a parent to their child.  The following story illustrates perfectly why parents need to be responsible adults and steer their children away from drugs and alcohol.

In New Hampshire last week the parents of a teen decided to host a party where alcohol was served.  So far three over the age of 18 have been arrested and charged in connection with this party.

John Haithcock, 54, was arrested Monday and charged with facilitating an underage alcohol house party and false public alarms, both Class A misdemeanors.

Haithcock is the third member of the family to be arrested for their alleged roles in the incident. Sandra Haithcock, 45, and Matthew Haithcock, 18, also were arrested Friday and charged with facilitating an underage alcohol house party, a Class A misdemeanor.

It should come as no surprise that Matthew is the son of John and Sandra.

John Haithcock is CEO of White Pine Builders, a contracting firm. He ran for Hollis School Board in 2007 and has served as an alternate on the town Zoning Board of Adjustment.

Police were tipped off to the party by a tow truck operator who had gone to the area to help with a situation. Police responded and found several underage subjects in a detached garage in possession of alcohol, Mello said.

Nice Parenting

John Haithcock also is accused of reporting a false emergency by calling E911 and reporting the police department was at his home to do him harm.

Marijuana was also recovered during the incident and three underage subjects were taken into protective custody.

Nice parenting, right?  This is yet another example of why parents need an alcohol class.  They must make being a parent paramount to being their child’s friend.