Take an Alcohol Class for Alcohol Awareness Month

by: Mike Miller

April 1st is sometimes referred to as April Fool’s Day. It is the fool who willingly uses a substance they know is not good for them. They not only use it, but abuse it. Of course I am talking about alcohol.

As a counselor for both in-class and online alcohol classes I can tell you there is not one drinker who could not benefit from taking an alcohol class. I say this not only because I am a counselor for alcohol classes, but to encourage you to broaden your knowledge of this toxic drug we willingly ingest.

An alcohol class breaks down the chemistry of alcohol. It then goes on to describe exactly how alcohol affects each part of our body. Really understanding its devastating effects can be life-changing.

Another facet of a good alcohol class is to discuss the nature of addiction and how it relates to alcohol. It examines addiction from mental, physical, emotional and psychological perspectives.

Finally an alcohol class teaches how to overcome addiction. It discusses all phases of quitting this vile addiction, from quitting and possible relapse. You will come to find the best ways for you to prevent relapse and recidivism.

So do yourself a favor this month, April, 2012, take an alcohol awareness class.