New Jersey’s Top DUI Cop Knows Need for Alcohol Classes

by: Mike Miller

If you are in New Jersey and see this man, you might be in a bad situation especially if you are behind the wheel of your car and have been drinking.

Essex County, New Jersey is committed to curbing DUI. Each year they award the officer who makes them most DUI arrests.  This year it was Officer Luca Piscatelli of the Bloomfield Police Department. 

Piscatelli made 21 DUI arrests in 2011 according to Despite this impressive total of New Jersey DUI arrests, Piscatelli also handles accident investigations, crime scene investigations and processes all arrests. 

According to his colleagues he is an expert in field sobriety tests.

After a driver is asked to stop and get out of the car, three field sobriety tests will be administered.  They are the "Horizontal Eye Nystagmus Test", the "Walk and Turn Test" and the "1-Leg Stand" Test.

The Jerky Eye Test

Piscatelli think the nystagmus test is most reliable. Jerky, involuntary eye movements and the visual inability follow an object smoothly is a clear indication that there is a high level of alcohol in the person’s bloodstream.

He said there no way to fake this part of the test.  Serious boozers can pass other tests, but not the jerky eye test!

Here’s to Officer Piscatelli and all those law enforcement officers who try to educate the public and keep our roads safe. I am sure Piscatelli would recommend alcohol classes for everyone if it helps keep people from drinking and driving.