Montanta Alcohol Educational Courses Prevent Serial DUI Behavior

by: Mike Miller

I am a firm believer that you cannot get too much education. Could alcohol classes mandated at a young age keep everyone from making the bad decision to drink and drive? The answer to that question is a resounding no.

However, one of the primary goals of a good online alcohol class to prevent someone from making the same bad decision. I would like to think that Robert Luis Cedeno could have benefited from an alcohol class. As reported in

How much credibility would you give the 48-year-old, seven-time repeat offender? He pleaded not guilty. He is charged with felony DUI and misdemeanor charges of driving without insurance, driving without a valid license and fleeing from officers during his arraignment.

Cedeno has five prior DUI convictions in New York between 1990 and 1995, and a sixth conviction in Wyoming in 2005.

In the most recent incident, police witnessed his car hit a curb in front of City Hall and crashed into a tree outside the building. As a police officer approached his vehicle, Cedeno drove off.

A second officer saw the car a few blocks away and noticed the bumper hanging down and barely attached. Cedeno ignored this officers attempt to stop him as well.

Cedeno refused all sobriety tests and declined to provide a breath sample. Do you give him the benefit of the doubt? I don’t. I hope he is mandated to a Montana alcohol class and seeks counseling for what is a serious drinking problem.