Do Irish Need 8 Hour Alcohol Awareness Classes?

by: Mike Miller

I will be the first to admit that the Irish have a reputation for being heavy drinkers. Having visited the country I know first-hand that the drinking starts and ends early. With less time to imbibe, the Irish drink hard and fast!

How knowledgeable are you about Irish law when it comes to blood-alcohol concentrations (BAC) when it comes to legal limits? If this information is of interest to you, I encourage you to read on. As reported in

Legal Limits Increased!

Ireland's Kerry County has just increased the legal blood alcohol content (BAC) from 0.05 to 0.07 percent in certain rural areas.

The rationale behind the increase – it will help with farmers’ boredom! Yes, you read that right – let’s let them drink more so they don’t get too bored!!

Is this unreasonable? Now each farmer will be allowed to down up to three pints of beer at the pub and legally drive home.

Will this be a danger on the roads? Kerry County is looking into enforcing a 30 mph speed limit for rural residents who have had a pint too many. That sounds like a good idea, right?

It should come as no surprise that bar owners enthusiastically support the bill. The national government, however, views the matter much differently.

Perhaps they should mandate that each farmer take an 8-hour alcohol awareness class.