iPhone may Save You from an Alcohol Class

by: Mike Miller

Technology is involved in virtually every aspect of our lives. As a child of the 1970s and 1980s, many of us saw movies and cartoon where this might be a possibility. Now it is a reality.

One technology that seems to be omnipresent is iPhone applications. Can an app be developed to help keep you from getting a DUI and having to take an online DUI class? Judge for yourself. As reported in www.jdsupra.com.

Here is one of the most popular DUI/DWI iPhone apps in the market today:


BreathalEyes is an iPhone app that detects the eye’s involuntary movement. This app is similar to the field sobriety test that police officers conduct on drivers. The twitching and jerking of the eye on its own is a sign of alcohol consumption, and BreathalEyes uses the iPhone’s camera to record a driver’s eye movement while the driver’s head remains forward.

One of the primary drawbacks to BreathalEyes is that the individual conducting the test, usually the driver, should be able to hold the phone steady during the test duration or should be sober. Good lighting conditions are also required.

This is just one app used to help keep you from making a big mistake. The best choice to have alternative transportation lined up in advance, or take a taxi. We will look at other apps in the next installment in this blog series.