Carmine Giovinazzo May Need an Alcohol Awareness Class

by: Mike Miller

By now, all of my loyal readers know that I do not believe celebrities should be role models. Hollywood’s best, and not so best, and professional athletes are normal human beings who do bad and embarrassing things quite often. Following are a few examples.

Who as ever even heard of this guy? Who is Carmine Giovinazzo? I know I would remember a name like that. At least he was not a total belligerent jerk when he got arrested. As reported in

Giovinazzo was immediately apologetic about his behavior. He initially claimed he was lost and distracted trying to work his GPS. But the actor, who plays Detective Danny Messer on the CBS drama “CSI: New York”, then confessed to drinking scotch at a nearby hotel before driving himself and friends.

After being given a field sobriety test and blowing nearly twice the legal limit, he was booked at a nearby jail.

The actor is recently single. In August 2012 his wife, Vanessa Marcil, filed for divorce after two years of marriage citing "irreconcilable differences."

Fall From Grace

One of my favorite hitters was Chicago Cubs first baseman Mark Grace. I will admit to having tipped a few cold ones with him back when I still drank.

Grace has been sentenced to four months in jail under a work-release program. He was arrested last August in Scottsdale, his second drunken driving arrest in 15 months, and could have faced more than three years in prison.

I hope both of these gents get a good alcohol class and devote themselves to future sobriety.