Horseback Rider in Need of a DUI Class

by: Mike Miller

Driving under the influence violations (DUIs) come from many different modes of transportation. As a counselor for both in class and online alcohol classes I am hyper-aware of Dui activity across both the country and the globe.

From automobiles to trucks, to school busses, to lawn mowers, I have read about any number of modes of transportation where people have gotten DUIs. As reported in

This most certainly includes all forms of water craft, including speed boats, cruise ships and snow mobiles.

Here is one I have not seen yet, but I am sure would have been quite common a couple hundred years ago. A Pennsylvania man riding a horse was given a DUI.

Police had to chase Charles Cowart for more than 5 hours as he raced through towns, forests and muddy swampland. He ran stop signs and red lights all the while galloping at full speed while listening to his iPod.

He almost hit a number of cars and people, and was almost hit by a freight train. Neither the 29-year-old or his horse were injured.

The chase ended when Cowart's father, Chuck, caught up to him and tackled him off the horse.

Cowart got away again and ran into swampy woods, but was chased out by a police K-9.

I hope he gets the help he needs now that he is in custody. It sounds like he needs more than a DUI class, but also serious counseling for his depression and possible mental illness.