Do These Irish Kids Need Mandated Alcohol Education?

by: Mike Miller

The problem with children using alcohol and other drugs is a global. As part of the blog, I look to look at incidents all over the planet to help our readers see what happens in other parts of the world. From the headline, I am sure you guessed that this blog deals with Ireland.

Children as young as 14 were left violently ill after binging on alcohol and class A drugs as a sell-out gig in Belfast descended into utter chaos. As reported in

Eighteen concert-goers were taken to hospital and dozens more needed medical treatment inside and outside the Odyssey Arena, where Dutch artist DJ Hardwell was playing to a crowd of 10,000 back in early February.

People described how they were confronted by scenes of horror in the aftermath of the gig, with some comparing the scene to a war zone.

One parent described seeing children with their mouths foaming and trying to jump in the River Lagan. Apparently they were overheated, and sweating profusely tried to cool off by jumping into the icy river.

Others stood in a daze both inside and outside the club with drool running out of their mouths, unable to communicate.

Charity workers who responded to the crisis told how children were left so ill that they could not speak and their eyes were rolling into the backs of their heads.

Teenagers admitted taking drugs including heroin, ecstasy and legal highs.

In total, 108 young people were treated inside and outside the venue.

Have you heard of events like these? Unfortunately they are becoming all too common. How do we keep our youth from experimenting with drugs and alcohol?