Another Teacher in Need of Alcohol Awareness Class

by: Mike Miller

The storyline has become all too familiar – a teacher showing up in a drunken state ion class or going to a party where alcohol and students are present, or even worse hosting a party with booze. I could blog about one of these just about every week. The following story happened in perhaps the strictest state in the country with respect to tolerance for alcohol abuse – Utah.

How Smart is this?

Kylie Nichole Devey, 21, had been supplying alcohol and playing beer pong with students from Herriman High School during non-school hours from September to November. The alleged activity took place off-campus.

She is now a former Jordan School District teacher and assistant softball coach after she provided wine coolers and beer to a number of students. She was arrested on December 9th.

Devey was booked into the jail and released under pre-trial services supervision. Devey was charged Friday in 3rd District Court with five counts of knowingly furnishing alcohol to a minor, a class A misdemeanor.

Jordan School District spokesman Steven Dunham said Devey passed a background check when she was hired by the district in 2008 (at the age of 18). He did not know what job she had at that time, but it was not as a special education teacher.

The district website currently lists Devey as a special education teacher, but Dunham he did know her exact job duties at the time of the alleged illegal activity. She resigned on Nov. 21.

Is it a sign of the times or were these always happening? I never imagined my teachers would have the audacity to get involved in drinking with their students.