Online Alcohol Class Could Save Hospital Visit

by: Mike Miller

Is society in general getting control of alcoholism? Recent studies would show that alcohol consumption and addiction are at all-time highs and things are getting worse.

Alcohol-related hospital admissions for Greater Manchester have risen by 11% on last year and over 130% in eight years.

Michael Linnell of The Lifeline Project, which helps individuals and families deal with alcohol and drug abuse, described alcohol as the major problem affecting Manchester and the North West.

He said: “It is the drug that causes the most problems, by far, affecting all age groups from young to old and all classes.

“Although the use of alcohol has fallen by young people, those drinking seem to be drinking more and the big rise of alcohol harm has been seen in older people regardless of social class.”

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley blamed reckless Labor policies such as 24-drinking on the rise pointing to a serious problem with binge drinking and long-term excessive alcohol abuse in a minority of people.

The current British government looks to tackle the problem head-on, blaming previous parties for allowing the situation top get out of control.

Lansley said, “Unlike the last government, we have taken real action by imposing high taxes on super strength beers and ciders and banning below cost alcohol sales.”

Shadow public health minister, Diane Abbott, said the figures showed that alcohol admissions were spiraling out of control.

“The alarm bells should be ringing with the publication of these figures. It is clear that this government is rapidly pushing us towards a binge-drinking crisis,” Abbott said.

It would be nice to see politicians working toward curbing addiction issues, especially as it relates to alcohol – which is a legal drug. I would recommend anyone arrested for an alcohol-related offense be subject to an online alcohol class.