Another Teacher In Dire Need of Online Alcohol Class

by: Mike Miller

There are so many stories of teachers doing stupid things these days it makes me ashamed for the other 99.9% of good educators. In the past few weeks a number of stories have come out about teachers being fired for being drunk in class. What the heck are they thinking?

A middle school teacher in Virginia has resigned after being accused of being drunk at school.

Radhakrishnan Sivaramapillai was in the middle of class when he was pulled out by a school resource officer and given a breathalyzer.

The 46-year-old physics teacher was arrested, jailed, and charged with being drunk in public. The teacher had no criminal record. He passed a background check when he was hired by Loudoun County Public Schools two years ago.

Making matters worse and more shameful for this teacher is the fact that Shrinavasan is the parent of a seventh grader at J. Michael Lunsford Middle School.

This is absolutely shameful behavior on the part of a person entrusted with packing our children’s minds with knowledge, for being a role model to the youth of America. I would hope after some time in jail and the humiliation, in conjunction with a good online alcohol class, he will once again become a positive force in society.