Online Alcohol Class Could Prevent Birth Defects

by: Mike Miller

The other day I blogged about how alcohol increases the likelihood of most forms of cancer. Now comes a report out of Australia that reinforces the notion of how bad alcohol and tobacco are during pregnancy.

The Australian Institute of Family Studies declared that besides knowing the harmful effects of smoking and alcohol drinking, Australian women continue to continue these habits during pregnancy.

However, the study also discovered that almost 18% of women smoked and 38% drank alcohol throughout their pregnancy stages.

Sharing his views about the study findings, the Australian Institute of Family Studies, Dr. Ben Edwards, asserted that the figure of women who had the terrible drinking habit during their pregnancy, as well as incorporated those mothers occasionally drank.

He further explained that the present modifications to these public health cautions, related to the exact level of alcohol consumption, might have caused mystification among the pregnant women.

He added, ''High levels of alcohol consumption in early pregnancy have been shown to be associated with severe outcomes for the baby although there have been fewer consensuses on whether low to moderate alcohol consumption is dangerous during pregnancy”.

The federal government issued some recommendation, claiming that all the women must withdraw from alcohol during pregnancy stages.

Moreover, during the month of October 2001, the government it modified these guidelines, declaring that dinking in a limited manner was certainly safe even during the pregnancy stages.

Meanwhile, the reported information also highlighted the fact that currently about 52% of women, falling in the uppermost earning class, were reported to intake alcohol only at some stage throughout pregnancy, and about 23% of poorer mothers consumed these deadly drinks.

In the meantime, a mother's monetary situation also played a crucial role whether she smoked or drank alcohol throughout their crucial pregnancy stages.

The reports spotlighted that approximately 36% of poorer mothers, who had lowly socio-economic quartile, did smoking during their pregnancy, in comparison to only 4% of the women, falling in the class of highest-earning.

Suffice it to say that neither habit should be indulged in during pregnancy. There is too much to risk, too much at stake.