Alcohol Awareness Class Could Keep From Driving You to Drink

by: Mike Miller

There exists an age-old adage that “marriage drives a man to drink.” What do you think? Do married men drink more? You might be surprised at the results of a recent study.

“Honey, get me a beer,” might be said more by women than previously thought. As reported in

A study found that married women drink more than previously married women, but married men drink less than previously married men.

Get this - several women in the study said they did not drink alcohol at all until they met or married their husbands.

What do you think explains the results?

I feel that as with many things, peer behavior influences adult behavior. In other words, people tend to do what others in the same flock do, if you spend more time with individuals that have a higher incidence of using drugs or alcohol you will develop similar habits.

Since single men tend to drink more than their single female counterparts, the idea that both sides converge toward an average level of drinking seems understandable.

But others said the findings could hint at something more deeply entwined with the

What about Divorced People?

The study also looked into how drinking habits are affected when marriages end. The researchers found that while divorce causes men to drink more, women actually tend to go back to drinking less.

As a culture we will all be better if with less alcohol consumption. I think more alcohol classes and support can lead to that decrease.